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Nacho Diaz is a newcomer to the authors’ world although he has been writing and campaigning to combat the stigmatisation of drug users and mental health survivors on for over three years. His forthcoming book will narrate the experiences of an adolescent searching for freedom and acceptance in a hostile environment full of intransigence. 

John Dixon won a Bridport Short Story prize and has had stories published in Chroma, Gazebo and People Your Mother Warned You About. His first volume of poems, Seeking, finding, losing, was published last year.

David Downing lives and writes near Ullapool in Wester Ross, Scotland, and hopes to shortly commence an MLitt in Highland and Islands Literature at the UHI. The opening sentence of his long-researched contemporary gay epic has finally been written and, should Calliope wish to visit the straths and glens, he would be most grateful for her assistance with ensuing chaptersÉ

Martin Foreman is an actor, author and seller of rare gay books. His published work includes the novels Weekend and The Butterfly’s Wing and the short story collections A Sense of Loss and First and Fiftieth (Paradise Press). Five of his plays have been produced in Los Angeles and London. He lives in Islington Borders.

Michael Harth has spent much of his life writing short stories, novels, plays, and a revue, all of a regrettably frivolous nature, but as his final chapter draws nearer intends to devote his attention to less secular matters.

Jeremy Kingston is a theatre critic, playwright and poet. His first collection On the Lookout is published by Hearing Eye. His most recent play Making Dickie Happy imagined a meeting between No‘l Coward, Agatha Christie and Lord Louis Mountbatten (Dickie) on an island off the coast of Devon. And he reviews plays for The Times.

Elizabeth Lister was a single parent and school teacher until her early retirement in 1987. She has gone on from the teaching to paint, exhibit, and write two plays in which she also acted. Now in her seventies, she writes short stories for adults and children besides adult novels – two published by Paradise Press, third on the way!

Miles Martlett is currently preparing, with what energy and spare moments as are left after fulfilling his duties as Master of Ceremonies at the members-only Scaffold Bar, a translation of the erotic poems of the little-known Greek poet Thracylides of Argos, on whom he is an internationally unrecognised authority.

Drew Payne lives in London. His writing has appeared in Chroma, Velvet Mafia, Creative Week, Out in the City and Nursing Times. He writes regularly for Nursing Standard and FS magazines, and has been a guest editor for Nursing Standard several times. His sketches have been performed in the Treason Show, the Brighton-based satirical stage review. His website is Blog at:

David Reade was born during the Second World War and grew up in a provincial town before moving to London, where he lived for thirty years. He now lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Because his father and headmaster were fierce disciplinarians, he has always distrusted any kind of authority. His output comprises four novels, some poems and many short stories.

Richard Reddie is the pseudonymous author of a number of privately printed works of erotic fiction (all produced to finance a particular project, and now mercifully out of print). Currently a fan is attempting to persuade him to place the contents of these on the internet, but to date he has resisted the temptation.

Ian Stewart continues working on his forthcoming Paradise Press novel Parable with Foreskin and Redheads under duress of considerable family responsibilities tangled around his elderly father’s dementia. His Paradise Press story collection Cocksuckery is now available from as an e-book.

Frank Storm was born in 1940 in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). Grew up there and in Holland. Lived and worked in Oz, Germany, France and Holland and finally settled in the UK where he lived and worked with his lover until the latter’s untimely death. Retired, he moved to sunny Spain, where he is still wondering if it was a good idea …

Brian Burton took up escort work rather later in life than most, and then after some years started and ran an escort agency. Occasionally he uses these experiences as the basis for fiction, but finds it necessary to glamorise them considerably in the process.

Donald West studied medicine at Liverpool, then specialised in psychiatry and sexology. Three times President of the Society for Psychical Research. Authored a number of books including Homosexuality, 1955, Penguin 1960, revised ed. 1968 (Pelican); Sexual Crimes and Confrontations, 1987; Male Prostitution, 1992; Children’s Sexual Encounters with Adults, 1993; Gay Life, Straight Work, (memoirs) Paradise Press 2012. 

Penelope Wissel is a keen collector of African artefacts, though to her regret she hasn’t yet come across any as useful as the one described herein. There is no truth whatsoever in the rumour that she keeps a tame stud locked up in her cellar.

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