People Your Mother Warned You About Contributors

Short stories by gay and lesbian authors:

Rochelle Baker: The Jewish Bag Lady and the Muslim Security Guard
was born in Brooklyn, New York, and went out west to San Francisco & Seattle. She has been published in poetry journals, notably Prospero's Cell in Seattle, and given poetry workshops in Seattle and London, most recently as part of LGBT month at Forest Gate Library in East London. She is a member of Gay Authors Workshop, which she finds very inspiring, and has a collection of poems to be published by Paradise Press in 2010: The Sensuous Poetess. 

Rex BattenSuede Shoes
became a student at RADA in 1951 in the same class with Joe Orton, but eventually took up teaching. He has written plays for radio and produced books on Nunhead Cemetery but his most important work is the Paradise Press publication Rid England of this Plague, based on personal experience of the 1950s purge when simply being gay was a crime. 

Simon Dessloch: Pandora and the Professionals & A Girl Story
is presently studying for a Certificate in Creative Writing at Birkbeck, University of London. His writing has appeared in Nth Position, Faster Than Life, Rouge and Mister X. Simon writes, reads and lives on the dark side. 

John DixonReverses in Time, Same Again, Please & The Card Sender
has written several short stories, one of which won the Bridport Prize, another appearing in Chroma. Poems of his have appeared in Envoi, Iota and Chroma. He has completed three novels and hopes to have one published by Paradise Press in the near future.    

Jeffrey DoornBread and Meat & Patron Protégé
warned by his mother to 'get out of it' (homosexuality), got out of New Jersey. His work has appeared in Gawp and Gaze, Queer Words, Queer Haunts, Gazebo, Slivers of Silver, and Oysters and Pearls, the last two of which he also co-edited. A community activist, Jeff lives with his civil partner in South London. 

David Downing: Stones in Her Pockets
has recently been de-urbanised and now lives a blissful existence in a remote croft house in the Highlands of Scotland where he is working on a novel and several new short stories. 

Jimmy Driver: Two Paintings Story & As the Crow Flies
is a bisexual skinhead, living in Surrey. He was born in London and brought up in Ilford, before 'Essex Man' was heard of. He studied English Literature at Sussex University and did a number of jobs before getting ME. His favourite writers include Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dante, Wordsworth, Woolf and Henri Bosco. 

Henrik Harrysson: The Cathedral of the Spheres & The Saga of Ogmund Ogmundsson
was born in The Ottoman Empire, of Northumbrian ancestry. He grew up in Wessex, before studying at Mercia's principal university. Following a spell teaching in The Holy Roman Empire, and in the Kingdom of the Franks, he returned to North Wessex, where he lives with his swain and two cats. 

Michael HarthMother's Warning
a contributor to the Paradise Press anthology Queer Haunts, is also the author of three volumes of short stories: The Picnic, A Little Chat and The Physent, while two more wait in the wings, as does a novel Guru On Hire. He is currently putting finishing touches to his monograph Male Love: the Meaning and Purpose of Homosexuality, which offers new insights by looking at the subject from a teleological standpoint. 

V. G. Lee: Still Fit & Holding Out for a Hero
lives and writes in a cottage on the West Hill, Hastings. Her most recent novel is Diary of a Provincial Lesbian. She has published two others, plus numerous short stories and poems while looking after three cats and a wayward toad. 

Zanna C. Mayhew: Three, Three, the Rivals
has been hooked on horses for even longer than she has been part of the gay liberation movement - and she won't say how long that is. In between writing fiction, going to the races, and attending meetings, she works freelance and potters slowly round Essex on horseback. 

David Reade: The Blond American & Under the Bed
was born during the Second World War, attended a grammar school whose headmaster, like David's father, was a fierce disciplinarian, and thereafter rebelled against any kind of authority. Now resident in Bangkok after thirty years in London, he has written four novels, some poems and many short stories. 

Hilary Stanhope: The Hair of Isabel
was born in Chesterfield in 1937. She read English Literature at Reading University, where she published The Sapphic Muse in Tudor England, which proved a popular success, while attracting general critical opprobrium. In 1979 she defected to Finland, and is currently Professor of Feminist Studies at the University of Turku. 

Elsa WallaceBig Rings & Quiet Ending
lived in Africa for the first thirty years of her life, and has been writing for forty years, mostly short stories. Her favourite authors are Ivy Compton Burnett and Charles Dickens. Interests are human and animal welfare, veganism, ghosts and tapestry. She works with a number of lesbian and gay groups. 

Tom Wright: Home
is 35 years old and grew up in the Midlands. He studied English at Sheffield Hallam University before moving to London in 1999, where he is currently working in education. Tom has been writing short stories for just a couple of years and this is his first story to be published.

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