Best of Gazebo

Edited by
Michael Harth

This selection of 28 titles by 18 different authors covers a variety of forms: short stories, excerpts from novels, work in progress, some non-fiction and the odd poem. The majority have a decidedly gay or lesbian outlook, with a variety of settings, genres and time-scales, but the emphasis throughout is on entertainment. 

'You know, those pills, the ones they’ve just invented that turn gay people straight.' – Whose Pills

"‘How do you come to know he’s gay?’ I wanted to know, worried for my son’s moral welfare, even though certain signs have made me feel it’s something of a lost cause." – Next Door

'I had every intention of jumping. Why else would I have been all the way up there?' – Heads You Win

‘Did you hear that?’ Elaine whispered. ‘Did you hear what that Oscar Wilde said?’ – A Queens’ Night Out

"The zombie obeyed her slowly, frowning slightly in a puzzled way but moving with surprising grace.
‘My God, and after all I paid for him!’ Miss Silver exclaimed." – Caveat Emptor

'I’ve never actually faked an orgasm, but I’ll admit to overacting on occasions.' – Bad Sex

"‘You were an officer, I bet?’
‘Yes, but I was friendly with the crew.’" – The Mad Hatters

"‘No,’ said Alistair, ‘the pleasure gardens tempted me. Blond, twenty-two, torn jeans. Need I go on?’" – On Hold

'So on his next visit, when his attention was distracted by fleshly matters, Madame H kindly arranged to have him slipped a Mickey Finn.' – Penance

"One of the men had dressed as Santa and all had gone well as he circled the room until he reached our ladies who, as if they had taken him for a stripper, had urged him to ‘get them off.’" – Drop-In and Come Out


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978 1 904585 47 3
208 pages
December, 2012

Michael Harth’s stories have appeared in various gay publications, as far back as Quorum, one of the earliest gay magazines. He wrote the words and music for Going Gay, a revue produced on the the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and later in London, while his one-act science-fiction musical, Briefer Encounters, was put on with two other one-acters during Gay Pride week in the 1990s. He currently edits and contributes to Lightning Fingers, a symposium on the British composer-pianist Billy Mayerl.

He generally prefers observing people to mixing with them, but socialises readily with cats. His earlier work will shortly be available in e-book format while he works on a gay Christian novel.

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