Bokassa’s Last Apostle

Shortlisted for ‘gay mystery’ category in the Lambda Literary Awards 2013.

There must be a small fortune in here, he thought as he stared at the contents of the bank box. Why didn’t I know about this? Hundred dollar bills too; still legal tender. He bent over. Who said money doesn’t smell good? Nice choice matey boy, whoever you are. Pity you didn't come back. He rummaged around a bit and his hands came across a lumpy envelope. ‘Everton?’ he read. ‘Who the hell is he?’

In this pacy and funny thriller, we follow the fortunes of Everton Jones, a mixed race gay boy from Dudley, as an inheritance left hidden in a bank vault by the Central African father he never knew leads him into a race against time to find out how his father stole Emperor Bokassa’s diamonds and, more importantly, where he hid them before Bokassa’s remaining followers, his ‘Apostles’, get there first.

‘a fast paced and picaresque romp – funny, sexy and intriguing’ – Polari Magazine

‘Alice in Wonderland on poppers’ – Gay Times

‘pounds with a fury towards a brilliantly neat ending’ – Gscene Magazine

‘blackly comic – high drama meets high camp’ – Polari Magazine

‘I enjoyed every page of it’ – Gscene Magazine

‘you’ll be laughing at this little diamond all the way back to the airport’ – Gay Times

‘pacy and funny’ – Midland Zone Magazine

‘reminiscent of Tom Sharpe – like Great Expectations full of memorable characters’ – Gscene Magazine

The full reviews can be found by clicking on the links above. Rod has an author blog where you can find a longer extract and much, much more.

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978 1 904585 41 1
304 pages
August, 2012

Rod Shelton has a PhD in physics from Manchester University and has worked briefly for NASA. Whilst working at Oxford University he helped establish the Oxford Lesbian and Gay Centre and edited their magazine. He has been a teacher since 1995 and is now focussing on designing e-books. This is his first novel

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