The Carrier Bag

Nine stories, varied topics, forms and lengths.

The Carrier Bag is a Bridport prize-winning story, of which Margaret Drabble said ‘A tale for our time, which satirically contrasts a wine bar squash playing set with a representative member of the underclass. A fine use of dialogue here, from a writer who has his ear to the ground.’

In Across the Corridor – and Down a Bit a knowing holiday diarist unfailingly gets it wrong. Little Gems is a mother’s monologue on her three daughters. The Untoward Invention is a political satire telling how an invention of potential use in waste disposal is seconded by the War Ministry. In Coping a parent reacts to a marriage guidance counsellor’s trite recommendations. The Heights concerns a Christmas postman who is given a round no one else wants. Well our feeble frame … tells of the Damascus Road incidents of a middle-aged woman on holiday in Jordan. Consequences asks if apparent results are so easily traceable to assumed causes Inconsequences is the erratic diary confessions of an employee losing control.


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978 1 904585 40 4
200 pages
June, 2013

John Dixon has published a collection of short stories The Carrier Bag, which includes the Bridport Prize-winning title story. He also won a prize from the Chorley Writers' Circle for an online story. Other stories have appeared in the anthologies People Your Mother Warned You About, The Best of Gazebo and Eros at Large. His poems have appeared in Chroma, Envoi, Iota etc and the anthologies Oysters and Pearls and Coming Clean. His first collection of poems, Seeking, Finding, Losing, was published in 2011; another, Smut and Nonsense, is due in 2015. He has also edited Poems 2007-2012 by Ivor Treby and Fiction in Libraries for the Library Association, and co-edited stories and memoirs by his parents. His novel Push Harder Mummy, I Want to Come Out is due for publication Spring 2015.

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