Coming Clean

Coming Clean is the latest poetry anthology from Gay Authors Workshop, and the most ambitious so far. Celebrating our 35th (Coral) anniversary, there is no theme, though the title, ‘Coming Clean’, could apply in one way or another – owning up or writing honestly – to most of the poems included.

The 90 poems by fourteen poets recall childhood innocence, adolescent yearning, sexual encounters, troubled relationships, demons, dominance, deprivation, ageing, loss, doubt and faith.

Haikus, prose poems, song lyrics, Spencerian Stanza, performance pieces: the variety of forms is as diverse as the themes and subjects. Abstract or concrete, the verses conceal and reveal, whether hidden objects or identity lost in time.

Serious, amusing, light, dense, naughty or downright raunchy – there’s something for everyone.

Includes a short selection of poems by the late Ivor Treby, an early gay literary activist and member of GAW.

‘An accessible and engaging anthology containing an impressive variety of poems, both in form and content. The standard was impressively high and I discovered some absolute gems’
– V. G. Lee, author of several novels and volumes of short stories, including Diary of a Provincial Lesbian and most recently Always you, Edina.


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978 1 904585 69 5
128 pages
February, 2014

Jeffrey Doorn was born in New Jersey. His work has appeared in Gawp and Gaze, Queer Words, Gazebo, Mandate, Queer Haunts, Slivers of Silver (which he also co-edited) and People Your Mother Warned You About. A community activist, he lives with his civil partner in south London.

John Dixon has published a collection of short stories The Carrier Bag, which includes the Bridport Prize-winning title story. He also won a prize from the Chorley Writers' Circle for an online story. Other stories have appeared in the anthologies People Your Mother Warned You About, The Best of Gazebo and Eros at Large. His poems have appeared in Chroma, Envoi, Iota etc and the anthologies Oysters and Pearls and Coming Clean. His first collection of poems, Seeking, Finding, Losing, was published in 2011; another, Smut and Nonsense, is due in 2015. He has also edited Poems 2007-2012 by Ivor Treby and Fiction in Libraries for the Library Association, and co-edited stories and memoirs by his parents. His novel Push Harder Mummy, I Want to Come Out is due for publication Spring 2015.

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