Eros at Large

Edited by
Michael Harth

How are our lives affected by our erotic impulses? Which impulses and to what extent? Does the particular strain of eroticism that obsesses us at the moment put other people off? And do the varieties of eroticism others enjoy make us curious to join in or more likely to turn tail? Here are twenty-seven stories by seventeen authors, each with a different take on the theme.

'The adventure with the window-cleaner had not in any way sated her appetite' – The Juju

'He was so good at what he did that if I weren’t really completely straight I could have been hooked.' – A Handful of Keys

"'Is you goin’ to let me go, girl?’ She’s smiling." – Life’s Like That

'Now it was once again the fourth weekend of the month, when his rule was to say yes to any offers that might be made to him.' – Leaving It to Chance

‘You have curves like a Jaguar. You’re in peak condition. Run in and at maximum performance. What more could you want?’ – Foucault’s Nightmare

'The only feature by which I might have been able to recognise him was not on display' – The Bat

'The two drinkers on the bar stools ordered more pints and started a whispered discussion about the couple.' – Judgment Day

'Once he’d got the keys of the car he would load up everything he’d accrued and disappear' – Into the Woods

'To him the generally held notion that there should be some sort of commitment to the person with whom one had sex was a kind of mass delusion' – Getting Laid

'I emphasised at the time that I was a complete novice' – Fantasies

'You are not rough enough for me. And I was told you were picked up fresh from the streets!' – I Go Private

'He was neatly dressed in trousers and a jacket, which normally acts as a warning signal to me' – Cruising

'It was time to help George discover what he really wanted.' – The Under-gardener

'His clients had been known to come to blows when arguing whose turn it was for whom' – Expansion

'Twenty years ago or so, when I was really pushed for cash, I went on the game.' – A Question of Taste

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272 pages
February, 2013

Michael Harth’s stories have appeared in various gay publications, as far back as Quorum, one of the earliest gay magazines. He wrote the words and music for Going Gay, a revue produced on the the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and later in London, while his one-act science-fiction musical, Briefer Encounters, was put on with two other one-acters during Gay Pride week in the 1990s. He currently edits and contributes to Lightning Fingers, a symposium on the British composer-pianist Billy Mayerl.

He generally prefers observing people to mixing with them, but socialises readily with cats. His earlier work will shortly be available in e-book format while he works on a gay Christian novel.

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