Ghosts and Gargoyles

‘Who would have heard any cries from the attic window at the back? No-one had heard them since but Fiona, trembling in her bed; those dreadful hoarse pleadings and sobbings, hysterical sometimes. It was like a man but also like a child, the noise rose and fell, on and on, sometimes muffled, sometimes sharp, sometimes howling and growling in a sort of madness. Once a sickening laugh came down those stairs. Once or twice she was sure it had called her name, and then ‘Mummy, mummy’ it had said quite clearly. She was terrified of it. What could it be? She ought to be sorry for it but it sounded so bizarre and she couldn’t imagine the being behind it. Was it a man or was it a child or something of both?’

Ghosts and Gargoyles is the second collection by the author of A Short History of Lord Hyaena, Merle and The Monkey Mirror.

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978 1 904585 43 5
144 pages
November, 2013

Elsa Wallace grew up in Central Africa and came to London in 1969 to live with the partner with whom she still shares her life. She works with voluntary organisations concerned with human and animal welfare.

Elsa Wallace’s short stories have been widely published; this is her second collection. 

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