A Life’s Tales

A Life’s Tales is the story of a life lived in a vanished age; a life lived with compassion, insight, ambition and an adventurous spirit; a life fighting against discrimination against gays, and a constant search for self improvement.

Starting in 1935, when the author was six, these intimate, sensitively written, and engrossing memoirs span 77 years of social change, ranging from the poverty of a northern industrial childhood – shared with eight siblings – through the war years, to an adolescent awakening of homosexuality, followed by conscription into the Army, progression through the Woolworth company until its meltdown and into a period of creativity and ongoing self discovery.

Told with wry philosophic humour, the story is episodic and follows a revealing journey through family life and struggle, homosexual experiences, the challenge of leading a double life, to ‘coming out’ as a gay man and the eternal search for a loving relationship.

‘A fascinating account of Joe Hucknall’s upbringing in working class Barrow, and his struggles as a gay man in post-war Britain. Very enjoyable and highly readable. It’s a pity Hucknall took so long to pursue his teenage ambition to become a writer.’ – Michael Crick, Biographer & Political Correspondent Channel Four News.

‘A revelation and a thoroughly enjoyable read.’ – Mick Hucknall, Singer & Songwriter.


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978 1 904585 49 7
240 pages
February, 2013

Joe Hucknall was born in Cumbria a long time ago – probably the Ice Age. Educated by seven siblings who came before him, then drafted into the army before drifting south as a protégé of F. W. Woolworth. Joe worked the system until he was found out and was paid to take early retirement. Travelled extensively in comfort, picking up and dropping relationships along the way until, late in life, he met his Lothario and handcuffed him into a civil partnership.

Has contributed to Gazebo and defunct minor poetry publications, following his first work, A Splendid Book for Lucky Children written at age fourteen and understandably never making it into print. Read his Memoirs, A Life’s Tales, for greater insight and revelations from boy to man.

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