My Life Outside

In My Life Outside, the second book in Elizabeth Lister’s trilogy, spirited, sexy ex-prisoner Helen Burns determines to make a career and home for herself. She resumes the life of work and study that was interrupted by the accidental death of a friend – for which she was held responsible. Will this loveable character have the courage to recover from setbacks, re-gain her confidence and find fulfilling love? Homophobic parents and neighbours and a manipulative lover are of no help. Her sex life leads to an unforeseen conclusion. 

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978 1 904585 37 4
197 pages
June, 2012

Elizabeth enjoys writing stories that combine life experience with fiction. She claims that marriage and divorce, single parenthood and years of school-teaching have provided the material. Retirement has allowed time for creative productivity.

Elizabeth is a natural performer, has written and acted in her 'coming out' play Imago; painted pictures which promote positive images of women and exhibited them in Stoke-on-Trent, London and Berlin. She is currently a musician for a Stoke-on-Trent folk dance group. 

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