Oysters and Pearls

I hunted the pearl of great price 
That I'd read about in a story

In this anthology, published to mark Gay Authors Workshop 30th (pearl) anniversary, 14 poets prise open the oyster of life in search of riches: love, sex, food, days at the beach, journeys through nature, cities and time. 

"The world's your oyster," 
Said Grannie in her pince-nez
Her twin-set and pearls.

These 30 poems peer into the lives of isolation and communion, explore relationships open and closed, tenuous or tenacious. 

Like a mollusc I was clinging to my rock, 
Feeling safe, enclosed within my brittle shell

You may find some verses luminescent, others opaque, some highly polished, others gritty. All are linked by the thread of imagination. Open us up - you might discover treasure. In any event, where else can you find oysters and pearls at this price?    

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978 1 904585 13 8
Stapled/Card Cover
80 pages

Adrian Risdon's heyday was in the 1970s, when he directed Antony Gormley in verse drama, drank with Peter Ackroyd and commenced his role as amanuensis to the blind poet John Heath-Stubbs. From 1980 onward, however, Adrian's luck deserted him. He now scrounges food from a Salvation Army centre in Bournemouth. 

Male poets in the anthology include: Rex Batten, John Dixon, Michael Harth
Female poets include: V G Lee, S J Perks, Rochelle Imbiow Baker

Jeffrey Doorn was born in New Jersey. His work has appeared in Gawp and Gaze, Queer Words, Gazebo, Mandate, Queer Haunts, Slivers of Silver (which he also co-edited) and People Your Mother Warned You About. A community activist, he lives with his civil partner in south London.

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