People Your Mother Warned You About

Edited by
G Abel-Watters

Who did your mother warn you about? Friends who are not all they seem? Suspicious neighbours, or that black sheep relative? Dirty old men, or young men on the scrounge? Falling in with criminals and drunkards, or coming to the same bad end as your sister? Foreign tourists, or the clan in the next valley? Or just People Like That? 

All these and more are present in this collection of stories by lesbian and gay writers. There are people who listened to their mothers, and some who should have done. There are tales of life today, and little pieces of our history. Will you dare to show it to your mother? 

G Abel-Watters is also the editor of Queer Haunts

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978 1 904585 12 1
November, 2011

G Abel-Watters has a well-established association with ghosts, having investigated many sites of reputed hauntings, without ever finding totally convincing evidence of a supernatural manifestation. The hunt continues, with editing this anthology a welcome respite from the relentless pursuit, while a long-time ambition is to visit Dracula territory. Favourite colour, if anyone is interested, is pink, while the obligatory black cat is known as Aleister.

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