The Physent and other stories

There was somehow an atmosphere about it, almost as if it was waiting for something to happen, and as Gary stepped into the hollow he could feel the air crackle. He knew he was dicing with danger, but something over and above any fears drew him on till he was standing in the centre.

A collection of frightening, humorous and challenging fantasies, featuring weretigers, vampires and other creatures that live in the shadows of our present day.

"There are good things in ... The Physent ... The 'spook' stories are imaginative, and stray into territory familiar from the tales of M R James ... and H P Lovecraft ... but generally also possess a sexual frisson."  - Peter Burton, Gay Times, December 2003

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978 1 904585 03 9
156 pages

Michael Harth’s stories have appeared in various gay publications, as far back as Quorum, one of the earliest gay magazines. He wrote the words and music for Going Gay, a revue produced on the the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and later in London, while his one-act science-fiction musical, Briefer Encounters, was put on with two other one-acters during Gay Pride week in the 1990s. He currently edits and contributes to Lightning Fingers, a symposium on the British composer-pianist Billy Mayerl.

He generally prefers observing people to mixing with them, but socialises readily with cats. His earlier work will shortly be available in e-book format while he works on a gay Christian novel.

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