Prisoner 537

Eight o'clock in the evening and an old woman is seen lying on the front lawn of the Livesey residence. The bedroom window above is open. 

Dee Livesey, unhappily married mother with two young daughters, is suspected of having pushed her mother-in-law to her death. She's remanded in custody. Her unexpected adventures start when she meets her fellow prisoners - women who are not heterosexual. 

Elizabeth Lister is distanced by age from those of her experiences which she fictionalises in this, her first novel. 

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978 1 904585 24 4
184 pages
February, 2012

Elizabeth enjoys writing stories that combine life experience with fiction. She claims that marriage and divorce, single parenthood and years of school-teaching have provided the material. Retirement has allowed time for creative productivity.

Elizabeth is a natural performer, has written and acted in her 'coming out' play Imago; painted pictures which promote positive images of women and exhibited them in Stoke-on-Trent, London and Berlin. She is currently a musician for a Stoke-on-Trent folk dance group. 

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