A Sense of Loss and other stories

I lay in bed, alternately pushing the covers away and pulling them over me, sure he was in the room sitting in the armchair by the door as he sat every day on the beach. I saw his hat, a homburg as neatly creased as his jacket and trousers, his moustache, thick, black and grey, stretching over his lips and onto his cheeks like my father's, and, half-shaded, his eyes, dark, clear, strong, lying below brows that curled into a frown. It was not so much his face I saw as the face of all men, the face of my father when I had done something wrong. 

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This collection of fifteen short stories displays a counterpoint of different voices, each with a ring of authenticity. Some reflect the shifting kaleidoscope of gay reality in 1990s Britain: the sexual compulsion of "Room With No View", the high-energy rhythm of "Discotheque", or the cyncial manipulation of "Simon's Dinner Party". Others take us to wider horizons - to Brazil and off into landscapes of allegory and myth. Finally, in the masterful title story, we hear the voice of Thomas Mann's silent Tadzio as he relates his encounter in Venice with the writer Aschenbach. 

"Accomplished, literate, dignified, deeply felt" - Times Literary Supplement, London 

"as delicate and haunting a piece of prose as I've read all year" - Him (now Gay Times / GT) 

"Martin Foreman has an uncomfortable, probably accurate view of the human condition; an excellent book" - IQ 

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186 pages

Martin Foreman was born in Dundee, brought up in Edinburgh and has lived, worked and travelled in many countries. The author of two novels, two collections of short stories and several one-actor plays, he has also written many publications on HIV/AIDS in the developing world. Martin's writing appears on several websites, including First and Fiftieth website (the site devoted to this book), A View from the Edge (his personal website) and God would be an atheist. He is also the owner of Arbery Books, the UK's premier online store specialising in old and rare gay, lesbian and transgender books. 

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