A Short History of Lord Hyaena

I cannot remember when I did not know I was different.  Even this old part of the palace was richly endowed with sculptures, pictures and tapestries, some of which presented naked figures of women and girls to show me my difference.  And then I knew it had always been the case that while Lumika and Aigret undressed freely before me, my clothes were always changed beneath a shift and I was even bathed in this shift.   When I once queried the inconvenience of the arrangement Lumika said roughly, 'You know why. Are you like that statue there?  No. You are of a different kind that may not be seen.'

The first part of the history is told by Lord Hyaena’s resourceful and audacious successor.   The second is Lord Hyaena’s own account of his love for and loss of his ally, a lord from Orinna.

"Short and strange, this hypnotic novella is engrossing, wild and curiously beautiful." - Gay Times.

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Elsa Wallace grew up in Central Africa and came to London in 1969 to live with the partner with whom she still shares her life. She works with voluntary organisations concerned with human and animal welfare.

Elsa Wallace’s short stories have been widely published; this is her second collection.