Tracy Manners

At the age of 24, Tracy Manners is arrested for attacking her girlfriend. It is the first time - a matter of lost tempers - but it is likely to mar the rest of her life and mark her as a criminal in both her social life and employment.

Entering jail as an angry, sexually-charged young woman, it is Tracy's years behind bars and the time after her release - years of kindness and hard work, sexual abuse, unexpected friendships and ultimately, love - that help her to grow into a person worthy of respect.

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978 184963 742 8
213 pages

Elizabeth enjoys writing stories that combine life experience with fiction. She claims that marriage and divorce, single parenthood and years of school-teaching have provided the material. Retirement has allowed time for creative productivity.

Elizabeth is a natural performer, has written and acted in her 'coming out' play Imago; painted pictures which promote positive images of women and exhibited them in Stoke-on-Trent, London and Berlin. She is currently a musician for a Stoke-on-Trent folk dance group. 

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