"The attraction of sunshine, warmth and clear skies on a day when he did not have to teach, however, was weaker than that of sleep, and he turned onto his side, withdrew his head beneath the covers and hugged the pillow as he would have hugged Robert, as he had hugged Carl and Gene and others before them. The action was as momentarily satisfactory as a reflex, but the pillow's softness, its smallness, its lack of smell and resistance, soon irritated and he pushed it away." 

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Martin Foreman's first novel charts the course of two days in the life of a gay man in his twenties who is facing a crisis in his current relationship; interwoven with the tensions between Mark and Robert are Mark's memories of two previous lovers - Gene, an introverted and self-sufficient painter who lives in Paris, and Carl, a barman whose demands as a lover become almost too much for Mark to bear. 

"Absorbing first novel" - Gay Times

Weekend is published by Third House and is distributed by Paradise Press.

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978 1 870188 15 9
172 pages

Martin Foreman was born in Dundee, brought up in Edinburgh and has lived, worked and travelled in many countries. The author of two novels, two collections of short stories and several one-actor plays, he has also written many publications on HIV/AIDS in the developing world. Martin's writing appears on several websites, including First and Fiftieth website (the site devoted to this book), A View from the Edge (his personal website) and God would be an atheist. He is also the owner of Arbery Books, the UK's premier online store specialising in old and rare gay, lesbian and transgender books. 

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