Don’t fall for Paul. He’ll drive you to the edge.

Edited by
Michael Harth

How are our lives affected by our erotic impulses? Which impulses and to what extent? Does the particular strain of eroticism that obsesses us at the moment put other people off? And do the varieties of eroticism others enjoy make us curious to join in or more likely to turn tail?

"Sometimes you sit, watch the trains, the sunset, the rain.
Sometimes you talk. Tell your story if you've a mind to.
Trouble is, memory changes things. 
Things you want to forget. 
Things you want to remember that never happened. 

Donald West, psychiatrist and criminologist, published a book arguing for tolerance at a time when gays in the UK were social pariahs and legally criminals.

‘Who would have heard any cries from the attic window at the back? No-one had heard them since but Fiona, trembling in her bed; those dreadful hoarse pleadings and sobbings, hysterical sometimes.

'Scott works as a male escort in London, but is dissatisfied with his life. A new client, Gordon, proves to act as Guru to a number of disciples, and he agrees to help Scott sort himself out.

David Underwood, a hopeless romantic and regular on the drug-fuelled gay scene in London, meets Yossi, an Israeli Jew, at a nightclub. A long distance relationship develops and David begins to uncover the truth behind Yossi's tragic past. 

Edited by
John Dixon

Ivor Treby was an early gay literary activist who first published his poems in the late 1970s and early 1980s in small gay magazines in the UK, USA and Australia, where he also gave readings at gay venue


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