‘We don’t mention the beech wood,’ says Herman, but much else is mentioned in these three sets of stories about developments in gay lives.

In Kissyface, Hein encompassed by sexuality asserts he is non-sexual, and Liesl reports to her school that she has two fathers and two mothers.

A Life’s Tales is the story of a life lived in a vanished age; a life lived with compassion, insight, ambition and an adventurous spirit; a life fighting against discrimin

You can't blame Colin for that, mother,' Melvin interrupted. 'I'm at my physical peak just now: surely you wouldn't want me to waste it?' 

His mother pointed out with dignity 'There is such a thing as self-control.' 

Don't look in the mirror at the Hesselmans',' said my aunt Sybil. 'It's an unlucky mirror. It's the one the monkey looked in.'

Fourteen stories dealing with areas where human and animal lives meet, for good or ill, some set in Africa, some in UK. 

Dee Livesey’s long term relationship is challenged by the increasingly unsettled situation between herself and her now retired partner, Jane Pennyfields. Her friends Helen and Annabel return from Paris to live in England. Difficult times are ahead for all four friends.

I hunted the pearl of great price 
That I'd read about in a story

Edited by
G Abel-Watters

Who did your mother warn you about? Friends who are not all they seem? Suspicious neighbours, or that black sheep relative? Dirty old men, or young men on the scrounge? Falling in with criminals and drunkards, or coming to the same bad end as your sister?

When Mahvand Amirzadeh, a young gay comics artist, encounters Belial (aka Jean-Baptiste Lebeau-Chevalier) at a literary soiree in the East End, his artistic journey takes an unexpected turn.

There was somehow an atmosphere about it, almost as if it was waiting for something to happen, and as Gary stepped into the hollow he could feel the air crackle. He knew he was dicing with danger, but something over and above any fears drew him on till he was standing in the centre.


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