'Well, at least let me have Marcus again, then,' pleaded Simeon. 

'You know perfectly well it's your turn to see Donald this week. I'm sure I don't know why everyone keeps asking for Marcus.' 

Eight o'clock in the evening and an old woman is seen lying on the front lawn of the Livesey residence. The bedroom window above is open. 

Edited by
G Abel-Watters

"There were only a few dozen words on the page, and he soon came to the end of them. He didn't want to turn the page, but he could feel himself being urged to do so. The struggle was sufficient to wake him: he was sweating, and still had a lingering sensation of dread."

Risking It is Jeremy Kingston’s third poetry collection.

A sequence of short poems by John Dixon, charting a brief affair - outside - casual to a comeback-overnight, a return visit to live-in, more detailed exploration, uncertainty, rej

I lay in bed, alternately pushing the covers away and pulling them over me, sure he was in the room sitting in the armchair by the door as he sat every day on the beach.

I cannot remember when I did not know I was different.  Even this old part of the palace was richly endowed with sculptures, pictures and tapestries, some of which presented naked figures of women and girls to show me my difference.

At the age of 24, Tracy Manners is arrested for attacking her girlfriend.

In 2284 utopia or dystopia? That depends on your gender and sexuality. Climate change and a fertility virus have transformed the world and women are now in charge. Pitto Kucera, the only son of a wealthy and powerful family of women, turns nineteen and begins his life as a sex worker.

The journey of self-discovery is seldom simple. Frequently the most unexpected things can reveal themselves. Two Lives tells of Andrew’s journey through gender confusion and his wish to be a woman.


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