LGBT+ Creative Writing Workshops - Third Series

6 to 27 June 2024 – 5:45 p.m. to 7.45 p.m.

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We've had a very successful April series of creative writing workshops, and are well into the May series.

Most of our attendees from Series 1 have returned for Series 2, and they are very talented and lively. We have now set up our Third Series, for Thursdays in June, which will be at the Southwark Heritage Centre, near Elephant and Castle station.

We continue to focus on Flash Fiction, with a view to participants contributing to Flash Dances, the new anthology to be published by Paradise Press. Flash Fiction attracts a lot of interest these days. They are tiny polished stories which create a complete world in miniature, in 600, 300 or even as few as 100 words.

For new writers, the form of Flash Fiction is approachable and does not require nearly so much commitment as writing, say, a full-length novel. Nevertheless it is highly disciplined and every word has to tell something. 

Participants will also have the chance to read their work at a series of library events and to enter a Flash-writing competition judged by professional authors.

To enrol for this series, please go to Eventbrite.

If you have any questions, please email

Important: We ask those who sign up for the course to commit to all four weeks.

Writing Proud

25 June 2024 - 6.00 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Writing Proud

Hammersmith Library, Shepherd's Bush Road, Hammersmith, London W6 7AT

We are running a series of readings in boroughs as part of Pride 2024, including Wandsworth and Lewisham. This is the first.

Various members of Gay Authors' Workshop will be reading from stories, poems and essays around the themes of Pride, self-respect and discovery. This ties in with a new anthology, now in preparation, called SHIFT_, about moments of change.

Please feel free to bring along a short piece of your own writing to share. Light refreshments will be provided.

Reserve your place on Eventbrite.

A Flash of Pride

4 July 2024 from 5.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Shoe Lane Library

Shoe Lane Library, Hill House, 1 Little New Street, EC4A 3JR

Join us for an evening to celebrate the art of Flash Fiction, a genre where every word counts. Immerse yourself in stories that craft entire worlds in as few as 100 words.

This event marks the culmination of three months of workshops hosted by the Gay Authors Workshop, showcasing the talents of emerging writers whose work will be featured in the upcoming GAW anthology, Flash Dances.

Discover the power of brevity and the beauty of these miniature gems that truly dance. Don't miss this unique literary experience.

The event will be delivered in-person and online. Your free In-Person ticket can be booked at this Eventbrite page. The online ticket can be accessed via this Eventbrite page.

Those with in-person tickets will be able to watch the talk at Shoe Lane Library, and those with online tickets will be sent a Zoom link before the event. If you would like to change your ticket type, please email

Pride in a Flash 1

12 July 2024 from 5.45 p.m. to 7.45 p.m.

Walworth Library

Walworth Library, 147 Walworth Road, SE17 1RW

An evening of readings of Flash Fiction, short stories ranging from 20 to 600 words, by LGBT+ writers.

Funny, passionate, angry, raunchy, moving little tales from the leading young LGBT+ writers of the next generation. From Homo Promos and Gay Authors Workshop, funded by Southwark Council.

Admission is free and refreshments provided.

Reserve your place on Eventbrite.

Pride in a Flash 2

20 July 2024 from 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Camberwell Library

Camberwell Library, 48 Camberwell Green, SE5 7AL

Flash fiction, stories from 20 words to 1,000 words, is one of the most varied forms of literature there is.

These enchanting stories of life, love, laughter and longing cover the whole gamut of emotions, and since none of them lasts more than five minutes or so, there's a dizzying procession of possibilities.

These have been created by the young tyros from the Homo Promos Creative Writing Workshops funded by Southwark Council.

Come and hear a whole range of new writing, shortly to be published in an anthology Flash Dances. Please note that this second programme will contain different material.

Admission is free and refreshments provided.

Reserve your place on Eventbrite.

Past Events
Lost Places: GAW at South London Group

May 2024 at Bread and Roses

Bread & Roses

A bitter-sweet evening of reminiscence.

We all have places which hold special significance in our lives, places which often have disappeared, remaining only in our memories.

Lost Places is a collection of memories of such places by LGBT authors, published by Paradise Press. Poems, celebrations of collective endeavours, toilets, cinemas, bars ranging from Oxford to Paris.

Authors reading at this free event included Jeff Doorn, John Dixon, David Flybury and Peter Scott-Presland.

A special treat was the short film, Let Me In which is about closed or missing public lavatories, and made by GAW members Richard Thompson and Jeff Pickering. 

We also encouraged the audience to share their memories of places which were special to them, evoking some nostalgic discussion.

Lost Places Presentation

April 2024 at Somerset Day Centre

Jeffrey Doorn presented Lost Places to Older & Out, a meet-up group of 50+ LGBTQ+ folk.

Jill Gardiner

Special focus was the writings of Jill Gardiner, who lived in Brighton and to whom the book is dedicated. 

Associates of Jill read her poems and sections of her prose piece Finding and Losing Lesbian Spaces in Brighton and Hove, and Beyond.

Adrian Risdon's Old Steine set poem One-way Transaction was also read and V G Lee join them from Hastings with a reading from The Last Gold Star Lesbian.

Writing on Health And Mental Health
Dr Hastie Salih

March 2024 at Westminster Reference Library

An evening of readings about LGBT+ health and mental health, headed up by Hastie Salih's presentation. Hastie is a semi-retired doctor who has specialised in this area.

She's also a member of GAW, a poet and author of the romantic lesbian thriller, Dahlia and Carys. Other GAW members read related stories and poems. Members of the audience were also invited to bring along their work and read short extracts from it.

Poetry Evening

March 2024 at Camberwell Library

Founded in 1978, Gay Authors Workshop is a cooperative of LGBT+ creative writers who meet regularly to discuss and develop their work.

Members presented a variety of their published and unpublished poems as well as examples by other members. Budding LGBT+ poets attending were also be invited to share their original work.

Launch of Lost Places: An LGBT Anthology
Biograph Cinema

February 2024 at Carnegie Library

We all have places which hold special significance in our lives, places which often have disappeared, remaining only in our memories. Lost Places is a collection of bitter-sweet recollections of such places by LGBT authors, published by Paradise Press.

Reading from the collection were writers Ian Townson on Railton Road, John Dixon on public conveniences, Jeffrey Doorn on The Biograph, Peter Scott-Presland on The Cape of Good Hope, Oxford, and poems by Beth Lister and Stephanie Dickinson.

This was the first airing of this haunting collection.

Readings and Promotion of Paradise Press
Jeffery Dorne

February 2024 at Hornsey Library

Jeffrey Doorn has been involved in the gay community for over fifty years. He was a regular at the Stonewall Inn before it became a world-wide symbol of resistance. He's edited several PP anthologies.

Attendees were encouraged to bring along a short sample of their own work to share with everyone.

Photos from Event

Lost Places
V.G Lee

February 2024 at Shoe Lane Library

A Lost Places presentation evening with V G Lee, Stephanie Dickinson, Jeffrey Doorn and Micky Silver.

Photos from Event
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